The Breakwater Park Campground is located on a natural point of land, right on the waters of the Bay. Adjacent to the breakwall, seventeen sites are available, fourteen with hydro and twelve of those with water as well, and all with beautiful views of the water. A boat launch, beach, and kayak launch area are on site, and visitor parking and boat slip rentals are readily available. Our campground rates are on a daily, weekly or seasonal basis.

The Meldrum Bay Marina and Campground is owned and operated by the Dawson Citizen’s Improvement Association, a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors.

Campground Map

Here’s a simple map showing the general layout of the campground. Like all images on this site, click it for an enlargement.

Campground map
Campground and Marina Safety

Our mandate includes the safety of our customers and employees, and signage is posted throughout the property. Please take care to leash pets and scoop any droppings. Our beach is unsupervised, so make sure your children are attended at all times. Due to our ongoing site improvements, some areas may be cordoned off to prevent mishaps. Parking and loading zones are clearly marked. Extra care should be taken when driving in the park areas, as children may be at play. Thank you for coming, and we hope you enjoy your stay!

Camping Rates

All prices are subject to HST

Camp site with electricity$45.00 per night, based on 2 people per site.  $5.00 per day for extra campers.  Children under 16 are free.
Camp site without electricity$35.00 per night, based on 2 people per site.  $5.00 per day for extra campers.  Children under 16 are free.
Seasonal camp site with electricity$1700.00
Seasonal trailer owners and guests are allowed on the campground from May 15th to October 15th.  There is no access to campground property from November 1st to May 1st without prior arrangements with campground staff.
Dockage with camp site$15.00 per day
Parking$4.43 per day ($5.00 inc. taxes)
Weekly parking$30.00
Seasonal parking$125.00
Boat Launch$4.43 per day ($5.00 inc. taxes)
Seasonal resident boat launch rate$50.00
Seasonal non-resident boat launch rate$77.00
Showers$4.43 per day ($5.00 inc. taxes)
Free for campers
Weekly shower rate$30.00
Monthly shower rate$125.00
Sewage pump-out for RVs$15.00
Sewage pump-out rate for boats or trailers$15.00
Bag of ice cubes$4.00 (no taxes)
Block of ice$4.50 (no taxes)
Campsite Booking

We use the services of, an online system for you to book your campsite. Follow the link to reserve your site!

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